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主    題: ACL - Accucraft Custom Line UP 4-8-8-4 BIG BOY, LIVE STEAM
1:32, 45MM GAUGE

內容說明: SPEC. INFO 1:32 Scale, 45mm Gauge
Butane gas fired, Located in tender
Walschaert's in correct orientation for forward/reverse with screw reverser in cab
Dual flue
65 PSI working pressure
Hydro-static adjustable lubricator
4 Cylinders with drain water drain valve
Hand pump located in t...

主    題: USA Union Pacific Big Boy 1:29
•1:29 Scale: The LARGEST Die-Cast Metal Locomotive Ever Made
•Highly detailed die-cast metal construction
•Operating headlight & cab light
•Dual Pittman Motors
•DCC Ready
•Dual Operating Smoke Stacks
•Fully Synchronized Sound System Included
•Die-Cast Drivers & Stainless...

主    題: Broadway Limited Improts 6001 BNSF Trackmobile, DC Version, HO

•HO Scale
•Out of the box operation for DC
• DCC Version equipped with custom NCE decoder
•Available in many paint schemes and road names
•Die Cast Construction for heavy weight and traction
•Premium caliber painting with many separately added details
•Premium motor with...

主    題: Smithsonian Motor Works Model Engine with plastic case
內容說明: Much more than a model, the Smithsonian Motor Works model engine kit helps educate children about mechanics through hands-on assembly of realistic engine parts. After completing the assembly of the engine model, kids will get to see their modeling accomplishment roar to life just like a real engine. Using a battery pack, the moving parts of this model...

主    題: Nn3 scale brass shay the West Side Lumber Co. No. 15
內容說明: Tom Knapp has designed a new three truck brass Shay kit. The engineering model was first shown at the 26th NNGC. RLW showed a completed kit at the 27th NNGC. The kit is complete with motor and details. You assemble the chassis, add the details, paint, decal and weather this beauty. This kit is the least expensive way to obtain a great looking 3-truck b...

Brand: Arnold #2077
Scale: N
Contents: 8-unit highspeed EMU ICE 3, class 406, unit 4612 “Forbach-Lorraine” with retrofit air-condition boxes

主 題: HALO five cylinder radial
內容說明: This is the HALO five cylinder radial. The intent was to make an external combustion (steam/compressed air) design that mimicked the operation of real radial aircraft engines as close as possible. It has cams on the crank which operate the pushrods and in turn the rocker arms and the very unique ball bearing valves. It has five 3/8th inch pistons linked to the single crank via a master rod and connecting rods just as would be expected in a full size radial. Best of all, the design allows you to see nearly every moving part while the engine is running. Even the cams and pushrod end bearings can be seen. Unlike a normal four stroke radial, every piston "fires" every revolution. Five power strokes per revolution! This engine is completed and ready to run.

Some dimensions:
.375 pistons with ...

Brand: Marklin #36089
Scale: HO
Contents: H0 36089 Limited edition "German Reunification" set with Gold loco BR89 and Steiff bear.

Brand: Arnold #2123
Scale: N
Contents: Steam locomotive 18 201 / in red livery(N scale) Fast-train Steam Locomotive Baureihe 18 201, in red livery. Epoch: V

Brand: ROCO #63315
Scale: HO
Contents: Roco Austrian Steamloco 16.08 of ÖBB Epoch III

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