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Brand: Trix #25027
Scale: HO
Contents: Marklin/TRIX 的 2021 年驚喜模型......它真的是一個驚喜 型號:機車有mfx+數字解碼器和豐富的聲音功能。它還通過鍋爐中的飛輪控制高效推進。 3軸供電。牽引輪胎。機車和煤水車主要由金屬製成。機車內有工廠安裝的煙霧發生器。它具有隨機車速度變化的動態排煙。三頭大燈隨行進方向變換,按常規操作工作,可數字控制。機車前部還有雙紅燈,可以數字控制。駕駛室照明和行走裝置燈可以在數字操作中單獨控制。免維護的暖白色和紅色 LED 用於照明。機車和小車之間有一個帶有導向機構的緊密耦合。投標上有一個帶有 NEM 口袋和導向機構的緊密耦合器。最小操作半徑為 360 mm。駕駛室下方沒有車輪

Brand: Trix #22940
Scale: HO
Contents: Union Pacific Railroad (UP) class 3900 "Challenger" heavy American freight steam locomotive, with a coal tender. Locomotive road number 3969. The locomotive looks as it did in the Fifties. The locomotive has a digital decoder and extensive sound functions. Different operation sounds such as coal an

Brand: Trix #22966
Scale: HO
Contents: Royal Bavarian State Railroad (K.Bay.Sts.B.) class S 2/6 steam express locomotive in a brownish violet basic paint scheme with gold boiler bands, for use on the left Rhine (Palatine) network. The locomotive looks as it did around 1910 to 1912. The locomotive has a digital decoder and extensive soun

Brand: Trix #22941
Scale: HO
Contents: With the beginning of the 1930s, the mighty steam locomotives of the 241 A series appeared on the rails of France. In the

Brand: Athearn #22903
Scale: N
Contents: N RTR 4-8-8-4 Big Boy w/DCC & Sound, UP #4019 OverviewThis stunning reproduction of the 4-8-8-4 Big Boy is the result of a focused determination to accomplish one thing: create the finest operating miniature representation of the prototype available. Giving life to all the details are authentic soun

Brand: Trix #22939
Scale: HO
Contents: Union Pacific Railroad (UP) heavy American freight steam locomotive from the former class 3900 "Challenger", in the converted version with an oil tender. Locomotive version with road number 3706 (former coal-fired locomotive, road number 3943). The locomotive looks as it did in the Fifties. The

主    題: RailStand N scale roller test stand release.
內容說明: RailStand N scale roller test stand was design for servicing, presenting and programming locomotives. The N2838 roller test stand is suitable for the “Big Boy” and all of the bigger locomotives, The N2184 is suitable for all kind of the EUROPE locomotives. It’s unique, patented and accurate, it's support DC and DCC, Design.

Brand: Trix #22959
Scale: HO
Contents: Trix Prussian Steam Freight Locomotive Class G 12 of the KPEV (DCC Sound Decoder) -an mfx/DC digital decoder. -high-efficiency propulsion with a flywheel, mounted in the boiler. -5 axles powered. -Traction tires. -constructed mostly of metal. -dual headlights that change over with the di

Brand: Accucraft #AL88-347
Scale: G
Contents: Alishan Forest Railway 28Ton Shay, Electric 阿里山森林火車28噸 SHAY, 電動 G軌45mm 類比車價: NT$128000 (未稅價) PS: 可加裝數位控制晶片及同部冒煙器

Brand: Brawa #43100
Scale: HO
Contents: DCC sound Electric Locomotive class Ae 477 of the Lokoop Orient-Express (SBB), epoch IV, Road no. 477 905-4. Additional mirror; finest paintwork and printing; true-to-scale fan-grill; extra mounted steps and handrails in low material thickness; extra mounted windscreen wiper; fully functional pan

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