O scale roller demo/test stand
(Rollenprüfstand SUPR O)

       The RailStand O gauge (32mm) roller demo stand which have the patent elements: the adjustable hidden bearing sets and special three track conduct the power structure. The O roller demo stand were design for exhibition your favor locomotive and they are able to install into the wood base with acrylic cover.
       The roller demo stand support the 2rails (DC) and 3rails(AC) system, DCC and Analogy also it's able to demo the electric locomotive which the power through the pantograph.

     RailStand O roller demo stand accept customize for exhibition your favor locomotive.

PS: Please pay attention, OD-9508, OD-8104 demo stand has some limits, because their tracks can not move, the hidden bearing brackets are able to adjust in the rectangular hole only, the working area is about 35CM.  
        繼2017年 RailStand 推出業界體積最小、功能最多的 N軌 跑步機後, 我們於今年2018 推出兩款全新的 O 軌(軌距寬32mm) 測試/展示平台, 一款是全功能的 O規測試平台, 另一款則是獨具隱藏式培林的 O規展示平台, 而且這兩種平台都擁有本公司獨家專利的地心引力導電、 特殊第三軌導電設計和集電弓導電測試功能。

    可同時支援 三軌AC/二軌DC, 數位/類比 和 軌道/集電弓導電測試功能. "O軌 展示平台" 採用本司獨家專利的隱藏式培林組讓你看不到突兀的培林組以達到最佳的展示效果; 而 "測試平台" 其最大的特色則是採用凹型槽基座, 使各個培林組及組合軌道可以單獨因應各種火車的動輪輪距而調整, 還有這款展示平台可以安裝入木座內加上防塵壓克力罩可以達到最佳的展示功能.
     RailStand 致力於製作出全世界設計最好品質最佳的火車跑步機, 謝謝大家的鼓勵與支持.

Item NO. OD-8104 demo stand
- 81CM (31.9"*3") anodized Aluminum alloy stand
- 4 pairs of bearing brackets
- 3 connectors with cables

Price:  US$349   US$279.2 
Int'l EMS shipping fee: US$52


Item NO. OD-9508 demo stand
- 95CM (37.4"*3") anodized Aluminum alloy stand
- 8 pairs of bearing brackets
- 3 connectors with cables

Price:  US$468   US$374.4
Int'l EMS shipping fee: US$56   
PS*: EMS = Express Mail Service with tracking number.
Item NO. OT-rollers
Price:  US$40.0   US$32.0 
PS1: The roller demo stand has certain restrictions, model trains too large or too small wheels or wheel edge too low can not be used.
PS2: For the best offer please check Q&A: How to order the RailStand roller stand?

 O scale MTH K4s 4-6-2 steam locomotive exhibit on the demo stand.

 How to operate the KISS DB64 brass locomotive on the O scale roller demo stand?

 Showing and testing the Rivarossi O scale DB80 locomotive.

 Test the Lionel 3 rails Mikey & Mini hand car.

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