N scale roller demo stand (Spur N Rollenprüfstand)
newest hidden pairs of bearing brackets

ND-2838 and ND-2184 


Able to test the pantograph

ND-2838 with acrylic cover

ND-2838 & ND-2184 available working area for bearing brackets

      RailStand N(9mm) scale roller demo stand was design for exhibiting, servicing and programming for N scale locomotives. They are two items ND-2838 & ND-2184, ND-2838 roller demo stand is suitable for the “Big Boy”, "Challenger", "DD40AX", "Y6"... and all of the locomotives, The ND-2184 is suitable for the small EUROPE and Japan locomotives.
     RailStand roller demo stand is the first and smallest roller stand on the world. RailStand roller stands are unique, patented and accurate, please visit and compare RailStand with other roller stand different, thanks.

-    Support DCC (digital) and DC analogy two systems.
-    The first N gauge roller demo stand in the world.
-    Support the power through the pantograph.
-    Able to install roller demo stand in the base with acrylic cover.
-    The principle of gravity to conduct electricity.
-    Using the precision ball bearing on each brackets.
-    The patent bearing bracket and electricity conductor structure design make it easier and reliable to use.
1.    Supports DC  of model trains and DCC and Analogy System.

2.   A removable overhead wire could be simple install for test & demo the power through the pantograph of electric locomotive.

3.   Aluminum slot base with the electricity conductor structures make easier to adjust/remove the bearing trolleys are adjustable and the tracks are assemble, could be simple to remove for testing all kind of the locomotives.

4.   RailStand are available put into the display Acrylic cover and wooden stand.

5.   The high quality bearings and precisely Aluminiun frame.

6.   The testing platform was design to conduct electricity from top to the end.

7.  ; Patented hidden bearing bracket design and assemble tracks let them complete isolate and easy to move and test.
Item NO. ND-2184 Item NO. ND-2838
- 218mm*25mm anodized Aluminum alloy stand
- 4 pairs of bearing bracket
- bearing brackets available work area is 93mm
- overhead wire for electric loco of pantograph * 1
- 1 red banana plug with cable
- 1 black banana plug with cable
- 3 years warranty
  - 283mm*25mm anodized Aluminum alloy stand
- 8 pairs of bearing bracket
- bearing brackets available work area is 120mm
- overhead wire for electric loco of pantograph * 1
- 1 red banana plug with cable
- 1 black banana plug with cable
- 3 years warranty
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Int'l Express Mail Service shipping fee: US$35
  PS1: The roller demo stand has certain restrictions, model trains too large or too small wheels or wheel edge too small can not be used.

PS2: We provid the ND-2184 & ND-2838 3D print gcode file, you are able to download and print by yourself. Please check the download area No.15, No.16.

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