軌距 HO 購入日 2010/8/2
廠牌 KTM 型號名稱 Shay Class-A 18 Ton
進價 US$295 從..購得
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內文慨述 HO Brass 阿里山 18 頓 "Ali-San" 2-truck Shay. Custom Painted. Built by Katsumi of Japan in 1979 for Westside Model Co.

This rare brass import from the late 1970''s is a premium example of the craftsmanship put out by the KTM workshop in Japan. The high-quality multi-hued custom paint job enhances the detail further.

The model is supplied in its original wooden hinged box with cardboard sleave. The foam piece which covered the model has been replaced, but the velvet-lined inner packing is intact.

Kadee knuckle couplers have been mounted to both pilots. The original cast dummy knuckle couplers are included.

This HO standard gauge Shay runs very smoothly, with characteristic whine. It''s a great find for collectors of small-production geared locos or for modelers who are looking for a small, highly-detailed, ready-to-run gem!
shipping cost: US$10